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Creating a landscape where indigenous people and wildlife can thrive for multiple generations to come!

The Sarara Foundation works to support long term, sustainable self-reliance for the 850,000 acre Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya and the indigenous Samburu people who call it home.

Our vision is to enable the Samburu to continue a life alongside wildlife, retain their cultural heritage and live poverty free, prosperous for many generations to come.

In the last year the Foundation has succeeded to:

  • Enrol 200 Samburu children in Montesorri schools in the Conservancy.
  • Treat 1,500 mothers and children through the Paediatric and Maternal programs, with treatments ranging form mild symptoms to life saving interventions.
  • Support the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary to continue doing their remarkable work in rescuing, rehabilitating and returning baby elephants to the wild.

Every dollar raised will be split between the Foundation's education, healthcare programs and the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. 100% of all donations go directly to our programs.

Now more than ever we need you, to keep our schools funded and to keep our health care team operational. Meeting critical human needs now creates a future for both wildlife and people, breaking the cycle of poverty before it truly sets in, is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

With gratitude,
Joffy & Jeremy Bastard

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One of the nomadic Montesorri schools in the Conservancy.

Our incredible nurse, Dorkas visiting a manyatta (homestead) in the Conservancy.

Namunyak Community Conservancy in Northern Kenya.

Baby Christine returning home after her successful cleft lip surgery.

Samburu Warriors

Namunyak Community Conservacy.